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Installation Instructions

1. It is highly recommended that the installation of this module be performed by a qualified electrician.

2. To be installed and/or used in accordance with appropriate electrical codes and regulations.

3. Warning: to avoid fire, shock, or death; turn off power at circuit breaker or fuse before installing module. Test that power is off — before wiring!

4. Connect the black (power) wire from the EFT-110 to the incoming black (power) wire that connects to the light switch.

5. Connect the red (trigger) wire from the EFT-110 to the switch leg of the light switch.

6. Connect the brown (load) wire from the EFT-110 to the exhaust fan’s black wire.

7. Connect the white (neutral) wire from the EFT-110 to the exhaust fan’s white wire.

Set the Timeout Interval
The timeout intervals are shown on a label located on the side of the EFT-110 module. These are only approximations and are not exact. To set the timeout intervals, using a small slotted screwdriver, position the stem to the desired time from approximately 2-30 minutes. Note: Wiring of this module, whether at the light switch or at the exhaust fan, requires a neutral (white) and a hot wire (usually black). For homes wired in conduit with no existing neutral or hot wire, a qualified electrician should pull a neutral or hot wire for proper installation. When the exhaust fan and light cannot be separated electrically, the light and fan will remain on for the duration of the time setting.